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Are You Suffering From A Broken Heart?

Did your loved one leave you and end your relationship suddenly leaving you filled with questions, anxiety and depression? Or did you and your beloved finally split after a lengthy period of constant arguin and unplasant disagreements?

Whatever the reason for your separation, you do hold the power to SUCCESSFULLY retrieve your long lost love and even have him or her fight for your relationship like you wished he or she would!

 It was a stroke of luck. An apple hit me on the head. It was all quite by accident.

While trying to get over this insane heartache, I tried dating again to soothe the broken heart. I met a man who seemed nice enough and I stuck with him for a little while. Pretty soon this man began acting like I had in my previous devastating relationship while I took on the role of my heartbreaking ex. It became worse and he finally drove me away after some of the most unbelievable displays of desperate acts. He was ME reincarnated.

After the regretful incident, I immediately made the connection. I saw exactly what I had done to drive my first love away because I was able to see it from the other side of the fence. I started to research this phenomenon. It began to make perfect sense. I soon realized how people can push others away, the mistakes they make and how to get that love back into your life.

After my epiphany, I immediately began applying what I learned.


Not only did he come back to me, he professed his undying love to me and chased me like I had been chasing him. The feeling was utter bliss. Indescribable. My heart was once again whole.

So I took the time to write down everything I learned so that the rest of you can hopefully learn from the mistakes I made and no longer suffer the pain you are going through.

The manual is for you if:

You are truly in love with your ex.
You want to see your ex happy.
You want to make your ex happy for the rest of his or her life.
You feel you can never be happy again without this person in your life.
You can see marriage and family with this person, or a re-marriage.
You want to devote every minute of your life to making this person happy.

If you answered yes to all of these attributes, then I would highly suggest ordering this manual now. Do not wait any longer. The longer you wait, the longer it will take for a successful turn around.

This manual will show you:

The steps you MUST take before trying to get him or her back.
The mistakes you most likely have made which pushed your ex away.
The mistakes you are still making which is only making things worse.
What you can do to get his or her attention back.
How to successfully reel him or her back into your life.
How to keep your new relationship with your ex.

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Om some situations it is only best to leave it rest if the relation ship will only bring harm apon the two individuals involved.

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