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Romantic Text Messages
  • Let these words not only touch your eyes, let them travel through your soul, and let them rest in your heart as you rest in mine…I love you.

  • You're still the one…

  • Words alone will never be able to express the depth of my love for you.

  • In case you didn't know, I'll be loving you always and forever!!

  • Just when I thought it couldn't get better, you prove me wrong! I love you!

  • Falling in love with you was the easiest thing I've done in my life.

  • Hand in hand and heart to heart my love for you shall never part.

  • Even though we are apart, my love you will never part.

  • I'll love the sun for days, the moon for nights, and YOU for forever.

  • Loving you makes my heart explode with happiness.

  • Rains fall, winds blow, the sun shines... it all comes naturally, just like loving you.

  • Simply said... I love you...

  • Being with you is like having every single one of my wishes come true.

  • Loving you has been the best thing to ever happen to me!

  • Just had to let you know... you're the best! I love you!

  • There is no long distance about love; it always finds a way to bring hearts together, no matter how many miles are between them.

  • You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean, and the beat in my heart.

  • I wish I was there to hold you tight instead of just send this loving, "Good Night."

  • Thank you for being the one who calms all my inner fears.

  • Your love is all I'll ever need.

Till We Meet Again..
by lovelynn

I still remember the first time we wasn't love at first sight, in fact, it was hate at first sight! I was introduced to Addy through a mutual friend. almost everybody knew I had broken up with my one and only love a few months ago, still in pain which had turned into hatred towards men in general. Addy was a chirpy and a happy go lucky person. He was tanned and kind of cute but I wasn't attracted to him at all.
On our first date, I was very reluctant to even meet him because all my cousins and close friends were having dinner together that night. Addy was very confident to join us when I told him of the was sorta a blind date and I am almost sure that this would be the one and only I agreed.
When he arrived, I could see he was slightly nervous and that had turned me off immediately. The date went on with me talking to my close kins most of the time and would glance at Addy once in a while, I could see he was trying to fit in and I felt a pang of pitiness, so I chatted with him more.I was having difficulty in having a normal conversation with him when my heart keeps telling me that "it's a date!" I am not ready to get to know anyone more that friends. In fact, I have told myself to concentrate on my family, friends and career. I have a good work, with great prospects ahead of me. I am happier that way, the hurt I had faced before taught me to be more cautious and the only thing that had never disappoint me is my WORK.
My ex boyfriend Cameron was smooth, successful and very good looking. We broke up due to a lot of misunderstandings and the fact that I accepted a job offer in a different country and would only be back in town once a month.LDR never works...I told myself.
After that meeting, Addy did tried to keep in touch with me but I never made the effort to do vice versa. He seemed to be very determined and never gave up on me. My friends on the other hand, was very much on his side, they told me to give it a try. I didn't accept him immediately, I was busy with my work and also offers for TV Commercials were pouring in, I enjoyed the attention of being single and wanted. He was very patient throughout and supportive, always wanting to meet me whenever I was in town until one day I was in a very devastated mood. I felt the world is so big and I was lonely. He was the only man I knew who stood by me and loved me just the was I am. He always highlighted the good points in me and I realized his good qualities compared to Cameron.Slowly, I was beginning to fall in love with him.....we stayed together for the next few years until I got another job offer.....
It was like a dejavu, another job offer and a better one even further than my home country. Addy was thinking further into "our" future together, while I was more single-minded. I love him very much, he has been good to me but this job would mean a lot to me. I would be heading the whole company, and I would have the status and recognition that I have been dreaming of all of my working years. Love could wait i thought....I could never say in words how much i love him and how much I longed for this position..i was caught in the middle..between love and dream...
Through friends I heard he wasn't doing too good after I had left, we tried to keep in touch but the pain was greater and after a year we stopped contacting each other.
3 years later I got married to a local, I still have Addy deep down in my heart but I guess we were never meant to be. My husband, Martin and I met during one of our business meetings. He owns a couple of companies and "security" was the reason I marry...
I was very happy then, a year into our marriage I got Alana, my sweet daughter. It was perfect, I had a lovely home, loving husband and a very beautiful daughter. Things took a different turning.....Martin was his way to LA and I was supposed to join him a week later but a few days in LA, he had a massive heart attack and died on the way to the hospital. Suddenly, my life crumbled, I was a happy woman, whole and complete but now, part of my wing broke...I felt paralyze. It took me 6 months to collect myself and moved back to my country. I wanted to be far away from where I used to call "home" All memories were buried the moment I touched down.....
Althought my friends and family have been with me throughout the years, we visit each other 3 times a year, I never asked or bummed into Addy, my old flame....
Maybe they say...if you wish hard, you might just find him, and I was reading the newspaper one morning and he was making the headlines....
I was very happy to know that after all these years, he had made it to the top, just like in our "day-dreaming" times..when we were together, building ourselves, and dreaming of BIG things in life.
I was still very very sad with the lost of Martin...I spent my time with Alana and my sisters. At night, I would cry myself to sleep and wondered if there is something I had done in the past that had caused me such grievance....
One fateful day, I came back from sending my daughther to school....I almost couldn't believed my ears when I heard a familiar voice calling me, it was a voice I used to love hearing, I missed that voice..I missed that person. I turned around..."addy!"
It is such a small world afterall, we lived in the same condominium and that after all these months he has been away, the same time I moved back. I knew I had hurt him before and I was talking catiously, afraid of pushing the wrong button...but Addy, as he is a very warm and charming person ...never once he showed any signs of detachment. We became friends immediately, catching on old times and I was delighted to see Alana and him getting a along so fine.
We're still friends even until has been over a year...I don't know whether the "C" word would pop-out of his mouth, I have hurt him once and I know he still loves me but it is just a matter of time perhaps for us to make it happen this time...or maybe we wer never destined to be married but only to love each other for the rest of our lives....



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