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If you would like to recieve more information or would like to paste anything in the website write me an e-mail send me a shout out and i will get back to you as soon as possible if you would like to send in your poetry send it to the following e-mail and it will be paisted emediatelly or as soon as possible

Thanks for taking a look at my web site; I hope you've enjoyed getting to look at some of the information i was glad at beign able to share it with you. I would also like to let  you kno that some of the information was gathered from other websites and opinios from teens that have gone trought the same thing. If you have any comments or suggestions, or share some of my interests, please get in touch. I love to get mail.
There is a story that helped me make a chocie to do this to make this site because i went trough my heart brake all alone with out the support of anyone i shut the door on all the people that really cared about me and thanks to that  i found out who my true friends had always been and thanks to them i still dont understand much about relationships but i do understand some and one day my story of the first love that i shared with an individual might be known but it's to soon the wounds are still healing and at the slightest pain they might start bledding.
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